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With a proven track record in the harshest of environments, we are the best-suited solutions provider for your business for anything related to tracking, fleet management, asset tracking, telemetry, and IoT services.

Custom Fleet Management and IoT Solutions to streamline your business

Our reports
Our vehicle tracking software

Advanced Technology

Scalable and customizable software and hardware to deliver complex solutions.

Safety & Security

Dangerous driving can be a huge risk to your company. Driver behavior and vehicle security can be monitored closely to reduce these risks.

Productivity & Efficiency

Monitoring how the vehicle is being used ensures the most efficient solution to your fleet behavior.

Helping you find the right technology solution.

We can provide a wide range of products that will assist to streamline your business, ensuring that you have full control over your operations.

We can analyze your fleet and company needs and deliver a tailor-made solution to fit your exact operational needs.

With our scalable and customizable software, we can develop very specific and complex solutions through scripting and API technologies, making our solutions nearly endless.

Advanced Technology

Safety & Security

Productivity & Efficiency

A technology partner with a shared vision.

With multiple different devices that can report into our software, including IoT devices alongside traditional tracking devices, we are able to provide your business with extensive solutions, rather than just selling you an off-the-shelf product. We use GSM/GPRS-based products and can still provide a Global Iridium satellite modem if a hybrid system is required (GSM/Satellite-based coverage).

Historical data provides insights to improve security - identify safe delivery routes, find fuel theft trends, and ensure drivers follow safety regulations. Businesses stay compliant with incident reporting. Other features also provided are driver behavior monitoring, eco-driving, tow alarms, jamming detection, vehicle killswitch, and crash detection.

Monitoring fleet behavior using various different variables and from the vehicle to determine efficiency. Some of these features include dispatching, reporting, temperature monitoring, vehicle maintenance, routes & geofences, fuel monitoring, alerts, and notifications.

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